We are a small company dedicated to helping ideas founders build their web-based minimal viable product. We have experience in rapid prototyping for web products. We can help you create the specifications for a minimum viable product based on which you can test your business idea.

Creating a minimum viable product is a critical step towards establishing a successful startup. As an idea or business founder, you are uniquely positioned to develop the business case that will support your future product. But where do you start with actually creating that product?

That is where we come in. Our experience and technical expertise is in taking your business vision and turning it first into a prototype that you can use to test your business case in the market place, and then into a full product.

A minimum viable product, a prototype of your vision, can typically be created within a month of its specifications being agreed upon. You then take this product and have it tested in the market: friends, family, strangers who engage with the product and give indispensable feedback.

We are not just developers! We are technical founders, and understand the startup culture and minimal viable product method. Our mission is not just to build an app for you, but to help you create a product. We are your technical startup partner and as such complement and augment your business perspective.

We can help you take this giant step from idea to product in a month. We have done it before.

Sounds interesting? Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to discuss.